Weiss Crypto Ratings puts Bitcoin aside XRP and EOS.

By March 26, 2019 22:26

In its report on the cryptocurrency market, published on March 26, Weiss Crypto Ratings put Bitcoin in third place after XRP and EOS. The report is based on an analysis of 120 cryptocurrencies and assesses the cryptocurrencies that have the best combination of adoption and technology.

XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency capitalization in the world, has a rating of “A”, and according to the report is the best challenger to compete with SWIFT – the global system of interbank transactions. EOS is considered to be Ethereum’s main competitor and also received an A. rating.


Bitcoin also received an A rating for launching the Lightning Network and the opportunity to become a global repository of values ​​for users and investors. Behind him, the top five are closed by Ethereum (A-) and Cardano (B +), who won a place in the top 5 thanks to their smart contracting capabilities.

In the rating results of risk factors and remuneration estimates differ significantly. So, EOS, XRP, BTC and Binance (BNB) are rated as B-.

At the same time, Martin D. Weiss, who is the founder of the Weiss Ratings, believes that the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies is coming soon.

“Despite the significant decline in prices since the beginning of 2018, our rating model shows that the crypto industry has seen a significant increase in the volume of user transactions, network bandwidth and network security. The best time to invest is very close. ”

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By March 26, 2019 22:26