Social blockchain network Voice will introduce a mandatory verification procedure

By June 4, 2019 22:17

The social network Voice based blockchain EOS from the company will introduce a mandatory verification procedure for users, reports the publication CoinDesk.

With this solution, plans to protect against bots. At the same time, the head of the company Brendan Blumer stated:

We strive for a truly independent economy of thoughts and ideas … It has never been so important to know that the one with whom we communicate and from whom we receive information is a real person who is responsible for what she shares.”

It is noted that the verification process will vary depending on the jurisdiction of customers, but in all cases you will need to present an “identity card”. But the most interesting is the fact that is going to pay each user for the passage of identification. In addition, users will be charged platform tokens every day.

Using these tokens, users will be able to promote their messages; part of the tokens is transferred to content creators, and part is to be burned.

It is not yet known whether the platform will meet with widespread approval and whether it will be in demand among the cryptocurrency community, where privacy is still the main priority. However, Dan Larimer, co-founder of Voice, is sure that “the Voice token will have the fairest distribution in the world”

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By June 4, 2019 22:17