Overview of XEM, XRP and LTC currencies

By March 25, 2019 22:37

Congratulations to the traders! As promised, today will be a forecast for NEM, XRP and LTC. Who did not see the previous one, I recommend to review: Detailed analysis of BTC and ETH


The NEM currencies are traded at the level of 1251 satoshi (Poloniex exchange). The level of support for this currency is 1205 (under it you can put the Stop warrant) … The closest target is 1390; Will it be achieved?

Open NEM/BTC chart

In my opinion, to wait for the next few days the breakthrough of level 1390 is not worth it. Although NEM is traded in the ascending channel, however, indicators indicate a trend fading. The candle formed on March 24, the “falling star” signals that the uptrend is coming to an end. In addition, the RSI climbs to the center, which also hints at the turn.

For those who are in a long position, one should think about closing it, or an exit to Stop Loss. Those who have the opportunity – can try to play on the downgrade.


The current price of this asset is $ 0.306 (for the Binance Exchange); the downward trend continues. As I mentioned in the latest XRP forecast, a strong support level is around $ 0.28. If, suddenly, this level of bears can break through, then the next support will be at the mark of $ 0.245 (however, this scenario is unlikely).

Open XRP/USD chart

Most likely, consolidation will be expected in the next few days …

With a reversal trend, we will meet the first resistance at a mark of $ 0.34. And only in the event that this level will be punched up, we can talk about the possible growth … (the next target then will be – $ 0.41).


LTC traded at a mark of $ 59.6. The ascending trend continues, but its power fades.

Open LTC/USD chart

Expected price of $ 66.5. Judging by the graph, this level of resistance will not be overcome. (However, if he succeeds in overcoming it, then it will be possible to enter a long position to the level of $ 75.25).

For correction, we expect $ 56, and after $ 53.75 (this is where you can place a stop order). The global support level is $ 48.63. If the correction is delayed and this level will be dropped; then the next support will be on the mark – $ 35.32.

I wish you everyone the good trade!

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By March 25, 2019 22:37