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Exchanges rating

Choosing a trading platform is a key step to start trading cryptocurrency. Currently on the market there is a huge variety of exchanges. An ordinary user who is just starting to get acquainted with crypto-trading can be quite difficult to make the right choice.

In this ranking, we have collected the best cryptocurrency exchanges in our opinion. Having got acquainted with the rating, you can instantly go to a full review of the exchange you are interested in, where detailed information has already been submitted.

Cryptocurrency exchanges ratings

ExchangeCountryTypeFeesRateFull overviewStart trading
ChinaTrading platform0.1% /0.1%9,5*Read overviewStart trading
USATrading platform0.15%/0.25%9,5*Read overviewStart trading
SlovakiaExchange5,9%9,5*Read overviewStart trading
BelizeExchange0,5%9*Read overviewStart trading
bestbitcoinexchange-changellyCzech RepublicExchange0,5%9*Read overviewStart trading
Slovenia, UKTrading platform0.25%/0.25%9*Read overviewStart trading
UKExchangefloating9*Read overviewStart trading
localbitcoinslogoFinlandP2P1%8,5*Read overviewStart trading
USAP2Pfrom 1%8*Read overviewStart trading
CEX.IO_Bitcoin_ExchangeUSA, UKTrading platform0.16%/0.25%8*Start trading
SwitzerlandExchangeno8*Read overviewStart trading
UkraineTrading platform0.25%/0.25%7,5*Read overviewStart trading


This item indicates the country where the exchange is officially registered or has offices.

Fiat support

Cryptocurrency exchanges do not always support fiat currencies. Often, instead of the traditional dollar or euro, the platform supports stablecoins, the price of which is tied to one or another fiat currency.

Yes – the exchange supports fiat currencies.

Stablecoins – stablecoins are available to users instead of Fiat.

No – fiat currencies and stablecoins are not represented on the stock exchange.

Support for fiat currencies can be a key point when choosing a trading platform. This makes it possible to create deposits using bank transfers, which in turn is both cheaper and safer.


Commissions on trading platforms are divided into Maker and Taker:

  • Maker – commission is charged at the moment when the user creates an order to buy / sell an asset.
  • Taker – a commission is charged when a user has executed an existing order to buy / sell an asset (another user’s order).


The assessment reflects the exclusively subjective opinion of the Coinconomist author’s from one or another cryptocurrency exchange. This opinion is based on the available information, as well as personal experience using the trading platform.