(BNB) Binance Coin, (XRP) Ripple, (LTC) Litecoin review

By February 5, 2019 00:09

Good afternoon, dear reader. Let’s start analyzing a few rather attractive currencies today. (The currencies of these currencies will be considered at the Binance Stock Exchange. For more information, see the exchange can be found on the link: Binance cryptocurrency exchange review).


Let’s start with one of the most interesting currencies, namely – Binance Coin. Why do I think this currency is interesting and what are its prospects? Let’s start with the fact that this is the token of the Binance Exchange. As you know, Binance has entered into an agreement with Simplex for payment processing. This will allow users to buy cryptographic currency using credit cards.

As we see from the graph, the downstream channel was punched. This may mean one of two:

  • increase to $11.64;
  • or consolidation on the current mark.

If this channel breakpoint turns out to be false, it will also indicate the weakness of the Bulls and a possible fall to $4.25. Therefore, I would recommend a long position only when Stop Loss warrants at $5- $5.5.


Ripple in connection with the latest news received good volatility. Of course, the SWIFT Global Banking Network, which announced plans to launch a payment gateway based on the R3 blockchain, goes without saying. The price in connection with this news grew rapidly, but not fixed at a level higher than $ 0.41.

Despite the recent growth, the downward trend of the Ripple continues. At the same time, the level of support is unchanged – $0.276. If this price is punctured, we will achieve a new minimum, and the next theoretically expected area of intrade – $0.24.

If we succeed in pushing the price up to the level of $0.41, then we will get a double bottom with a possible exit from the level of $0.576 to $0.8.


After the level of $42.49 was punched, the next level of support was formed at $22. After that, the price made an attempt to grow, but above $ 40 did not reach.

If after a long-term consolidation, the level of $ 42.49 will be broken (and the longer the consolidation will last, the stronger the breakdown in the theory), then we can talk about the recovery of the uptrend. In this case, the LTC price tag can reach over $ 60- $ 65, as there is no resistance to this mark.

Unfortunately, none of the indicators yet predict an increase in LTC prices. And consolidation between levels of $22 and $42.49 may be delayed. In addition, I do not rule out the possibility of breaking the support level at
$22. In this case, the down trend will continue.

Good luck to all! Who is interested in what is happening with the BTC, then its processing came out 02.02.2019 at our site.

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By February 5, 2019 00:09