Binance will delete Bitcoin SV from the listing

By April 12, 2019 14:28

One of the biggest crypto exchanges Binance decided to delete Bitcoin SV from the listing. This information on the Twitter page has been published by the CEO Exchange Changpeng Zhao, criticizing Craig Wright, “self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto”:

“Craig Wright is Not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist! “

This initiative was supported by most of the exchange followers on Twitter, saying:

“This would be the most admirable thing you as a CEO of a reputable trading platform could do. Everyone knows he’s a fraud and that his shitcoin is a scam. Do the right thing.” – Twitter user, Hodl van Naut.

Obviously, this decision is due to scandal and physical harassment by Craig Wright of another Twitter user, known as Hodlonaut.

Earlier Craig Wright, who persistently continues to claim that he is the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, confirmed his intention to sue Twitter Hodlonaut with a suit on the protection of honor and dignity, and also offered a $5000 reward in Bitcoin SV for information, which will help in its identification.

The lawsuit has led to the fact that Hodlonaut repeatedly called Craig Wright a “crook”. In twitter Hodlonaut supported, and very quickly secured by Wright the nickname Faketoshi and hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud.

The surprise was that one of Wright’s followers (@NicoThomas_ on Twitter), after conducting his own investigation, discovered the person who wrote on behalf of Hodlonaut and publicly disclosed his personal data, including his home address.

Because of this, Hodlonaut was forced to deactivate the account. It is because of this that the crypto community not only expressed indignation that the personal data of the user was disclosed, but also began to change their own names on the “Hodlonaut”, and avatars – on the image of the cat in the spacesuit. And precisely because of this, Changpeng Zhao decided to remove Bitcoin SV from the listing.

It is worth noting that there were always differences in the Bitcoin community. These divergences reached a new level when Bitcoin Cash appeared in the summer of 2017, and subsequently the project Bitcoin SV separated. However, this is the first case when the physical pursuit of people begins, through the expression of their thoughts.

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By April 12, 2019 14:28