6 reasons to buy bitcoin in 2019

By February 23, 2019 16:27
6 reasons to buy Bitcoin - Coinconomist

Limit of supply

Bitcoin offer on the market is limited. A total of 21 million coins can be in circulation. Based on the growth rate of cryptocurrency in general and the interest of institutional investors, it can be said that in the future the price of Bitcoin and the entire market will grow. Think about how much a bitcoin can cost if 50 million people will want to buy one coin. And if there wiil be half a billion of those willing? Plus, we must take into account the fact that most of the bitcoins have already been withdrawn from the market.


Recognition of the authorities

Despite the mistrust and criticism of the cryptocurrency, the authorities in many countries recognized them as investment assets, and some even accepted the cryptocurrency as a means of payment on a par with fiat currencies.

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The emergence of institutional investors

The emergence of institutional investors in the market suggests that a lot of fiat money will be brought to the market in the future, which will push the price upwards. Now we have the opportunity to observe how the infrastructure is created for the entry of large funds into the cryptocurrency market. Events such as the launch of Bakkt and the adoption of the ETF are only the beginning of the full development of cryptocurrency as a trading asset.

Correction of more than 80%

Many people are afraid to invest in Bitcoin because it has fallen too much. Reflecting on this question, remember from what price Bitcoin began to grow to the level of $ 20,000. Growth started from the price of $ 200, and now Bitcoin fell to a minimum of $ 3,200. Even if the correction continues to %90 – bitcoin globally will show an increase of 10 times. Globally, the market is growing and those drops that we are seeing are only corrections, without which there can be no further growth.

The emergence of decentralized exchanges

The issue of security is very important in any field. Due to the emergence of decentralized trading platforms, investors will be able to make exchanges of cryptoassets without withdrawing them from their wallets. Exclusion from the process of third parties, represented by centralized exchanges, significantly increases the security of the storage and trading of cryptocurrency.

Economic crisis

The global economic crisis is coming, which will break the usual pace of development of the stock market. In other words, securities can become a much more risky investment than cryptocurrency for the reason that cryptographic markets, one can say, is already near its bottom and the probability of its further further decline decreases every day. In turn, this may lead to the fact that large investors will start to “pour” money from the stock market into a cryptocurrency one.

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By February 23, 2019 16:27